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Powder to the People!

We are a registered brand specializing in the promotion and development of competitions, events, fashion, and parties.

We spice up extreme sports with visual arts and inspiring music.

PTTP® is the new generation with charisma that represents independence through originality.

So whatever your Powder is...
Powder to the People!

Friends & Sponsors

It's 2013 and ok to say that we Love our friends and sponsors, cuz without them our events wouldn't be so successful.

PTTP's wants to entertain you, bring fresh ideas to the table, and of course rock tha house!

Thanks to our great friends and sponsors we can do all that!

As we continue to grow as a brand, please know that the partnerships we have formed are vital to our success.

We love you!


Our events have the extraordinary capacity to captivate people and generate shared emotional experiences!

This reveals the appeal and elusiveness of extreme sports in the era of boosting communication through TV, internet, and press.

Hosting any event successfully will certainly promote the location’s status internationally.

Our events bring talented athletes, academics, and spectators from all over the world, which generates positive effects on business and tourism for the hosting location.

Whether sporting events, cultural, or exhibition we face every POWDER TO THE PEOPLE! event as a unique challenge.

Powder to the People! Films

72 hours to Shoot, Edit and Present a 5-minute Film

Teams of 4 battle it out over a week filming backcountry soul surfing, urban jibbin' and everything in between...

Creativity is King!

Check out the winners from the previous years!


The '12 competition was the third year, we had teams from all over the world battle it out.

The overall winner was BQP - "Walk Sideways"

Check it out!!!


The '11 competition was the repeat of a great start the previous year. We had great teams make even greater films

The overall winner was Gnalrberg Steinbocks - "I Wanna Rock!"

Check it out!!!


The '10 competition was the inaugeration of what was to become tradition...

The overall winner was MOG Productions - "9 to 5"

Check it out!!!

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